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Timber Cabins by Contemporary Kit Homes

By - October 9th, 2012, 0:08, Category: General

If you need extra space in your home or simply want to make good use of that extra space on your home lot, building a timber cabin is definitely the right idea. Contemporary Kit Homes specialises in creating kit homes Sydney to provide with a practical way of building that perfect new dwelling place on your empty lot.

Because of the increasing popularity of granny flat construction in the country, the state government has made it easier for homeowners to implement such projects by easing the requirements. This makes it more convenient to construct a granny flat if you have extra space in your garden or backyard. A granny flat can serve different purposes. A kit home can be used as an office perhaps, or maybe a guest room or a temporary place for a newlywed or a college student. This is a great way of saving money that would otherwise be allotted for rent. That extra space, which can also serve as a separate house, can also be rented out to another person, giving you an opportunity to earn extra income.

Contemporary Kit Homes, based in Sydney NSW, is a trusted builder that can provide you with the kit home that you envision. You can choose from the company’s affordable standard kit home designs, or you can choose to have a custom-design granny flat based on your personal preferences and taste. All you have to do is simply request for a site visit and an assessment of the site to get your custom-designed kit home. Designers will draw up a floor plan based on your preferences and provide you with a visual representation of how the cabin will look like when finished. An obligation free estimate will be given to you afterwards.

Granny flats made by Contemporary Kit Homes are built using high quality materials to give customers the best value for their money. The granny flat specialist makes use of environmentally friendly materials to add comfort to their kit homes. The company also makes use of passive solar design for a natural solution to control heat coming in the kit home. For instance, you can do away with air conditioners by simply orienting the kit home from the harsh afternoon sun. Contemporary Kit Homes’ designs limit the amount of heat during the afternoon, while drawing in a lot light during the winter months.

Contemporary Kit Homes’ focus on building timber cabins makes it the best choice for any kit home project. The company can guide you through everything you need, from the design and conceptualisation phase up to the completion of the kit home.