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Creating a Sustainable Landscape for the Kit Home

By - August 14th, 2012, 20:22, Category: General

Kit homes are very useful additions to the home. The uses for home kits are varied, including using it as a guest house, a temporary place for a member of the family who is still saving up to buy a house, or a home office. As some people are using it as a weekend home as well, it would be a good idea to carry out sustainable landscaping for your kit home. Sustainable landscaping means there would be minimal maintenance and energy efficiency.

Sustainable landscape designs are generally more considerate of the local environment to help them develop on their own with very little maintenance help from a gardener. Waste wastage is also avoided in a sustainable landscape design, resulting in considerable cost efficiency. Creating a sustainable garden would also mean using only organic methods to grow the vegetation. The use of chemicals, such as for fertilisers, will totally be avoided to maintain the health and quality of the soil. There will also be no use of pesticides to kill pests feeding on plants. These chemicals are very dangerous to the plants, especially if they are vegetables that are eaten raw. There are organic methods that can be adopted to protect plants from pest damage.

When developing landscape ideas for granny flats Sydney, it is best to pick the right plants that will not require too much maintenance from the residents of the house. You should look for plants that grow naturally in the local environment. This is not only good for the plants as they will find it easy to adapt to the environment, but this is also good for the local plant growers since you will be buying from them instead of importing from another place. It would be good to choose plants that are tolerant of drought or can survive with minimal watering. This will lessen the overall requirements for water for the garden. This would also mean less work for the homeowners. They can leave the garden to thrive on its own, depending mostly on the natural environment for sustenance.

Another way to improve your sustainable kit home garden is to install a water tank that would capture rainwater to be used for watering the plants. To conserve water and avoid the plants from losing soil moisture, it would be good to put some mulch around the plants. Mulch helps keep the moisture of the soil intact, so there will be less need to keep watering the soil around the plants.