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Timber Cabins by Contemporary Kit Homes

By - October 9th, 2012, 0:08, Category: General

If you need extra space in your home or simply want to make good use of that extra space on your home lot, building a timber cabin is definitely the right idea. Contemporary Kit Homes specialises in creating kit homes Sydney to provide with a practical way of building that perfect new dwelling place on your empty lot.

Because of the increasing popularity of granny flat construction in the country, the state government has made it easier for homeowners to implement such projects by easing the requirements. This makes it more convenient to construct a granny flat if you have extra space in your garden or backyard. A granny flat can serve different purposes. A kit home can be used as an office perhaps, or maybe a guest room or a temporary place for a newlywed or a college student. This is a great way of saving money that would otherwise be allotted for rent. That extra space, which can also serve as a separate house, can also be rented out to another person, giving you an opportunity to earn extra income.

Contemporary Kit Homes, based in Sydney NSW, is a trusted builder that can provide you with the kit home that you envision. You can choose from the companyís affordable standard kit home designs, or you can choose to have a custom-design granny flat based on your personal preferences and taste. All you have to do is simply request for a site visit and an assessment of the site to get your custom-designed kit home. Designers will draw up a floor plan based on your preferences and provide you with a visual representation of how the cabin will look like when finished. An obligation free estimate will be given to you afterwards.

Granny flats made by Contemporary Kit Homes are built using high quality materials to give customers the best value for their money. The granny flat specialist makes use of environmentally friendly materials to add comfort to their kit homes. The company also makes use of passive solar design for a natural solution to control heat coming in the kit home. For instance, you can do away with air conditioners by simply orienting the kit home from the harsh afternoon sun. Contemporary Kit Homesí designs limit the amount of heat during the afternoon, while drawing in a lot light during the winter months.

Contemporary Kit Homesí focus on building timber cabins makes it the best choice for any kit home project. The company can guide you through everything you need, from the design and conceptualisation phase up to the completion of the kit home.

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How to Get Approval for Your New Granny Flat

By - September 10th, 2012, 20:24, Category: General

One of the more common questions that come up when building a new granny flat is about the approval for the building of the structure. Typically, when one constructs a new structure, approval from the government has to be obtained first. The government, however, has made it easier for homeowners to build granny flats NSW, making it 10 days or less to get approval for the construction. 

The move is part of the NSW governmentís aim to make building granny flats easier and faster in order to promote construction of affordable home units for members of the family who need a place of their own. These granny flats could serve as an alternative to apartments for college students or for elderly members of the family needing their own little home. Granny flats can also become a good source of income for homeowners who plan to rent it to a third party. This is a great help for any one during harsh economic times. 

The government has eased regulations covering granny flats so that homeowners can obtain granny flat approval regardless of the residential zone where the structure is to be built. Previously, granny flats can only be built in specified zones in the councilís local environmental plans. This further pushes the governmentís agenda to encourage construction of affordable rental spaces for the public. 

The requirements to gain approval for a granny flat on your lot are simple enough. First, the lot should limited to one house and one granny flat only. Remember to check your councilís local environmental plan to check the maximum combined floor area for the house and granny flat. The granny flat is allowed to have up to 60 square metres of floor area. This maximum may, however, differ in some local councilís local environmental plan. 

Granny flats are also permitted, provided that the lot is not subdivided. The granny flat also needs to comply with the standard setbacks, building height requirements, floor space ratios and open space rules of the local authority. The planned granny flat must also adhere to the Building Code of Australia to ensure that all rules regarding safety, easements, structures are followed. 

To get approval for the construction of a granny flat, the homeowner has to go to the Development Application council, making sure that all requirements for a granny flat are met. The approval will be made within 10 days if the structure meets the guidelines set by the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP and the NSW housing code. It would be good to seek the help of a granny flat specialist to help you understand the different requirements for the new granny flat.

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Creating a Sustainable Landscape for the Kit Home

By - August 14th, 2012, 20:22, Category: General

Kit homes are very useful additions to the home. The uses for home kits are varied, including using it as a guest house, a temporary place for a member of the family who is still saving up to buy a house, or a home office. As some people are using it as a weekend home as well, it would be a good idea to carry out sustainable landscaping for your kit home. Sustainable landscaping means there would be minimal maintenance and energy efficiency.

Sustainable landscape designs are generally more considerate of the local environment to help them develop on their own with very little maintenance help from a gardener. Waste wastage is also avoided in a sustainable landscape design, resulting in considerable cost efficiency. Creating a sustainable garden would also mean using only organic methods to grow the vegetation. The use of chemicals, such as for fertilisers, will totally be avoided to maintain the health and quality of the soil. There will also be no use of pesticides to kill pests feeding on plants. These chemicals are very dangerous to the plants, especially if they are vegetables that are eaten raw. There are organic methods that can be adopted to protect plants from pest damage.

When developing landscape ideas for granny flats Sydney, it is best to pick the right plants that will not require too much maintenance from the residents of the house. You should look for plants that grow naturally in the local environment. This is not only good for the plants as they will find it easy to adapt to the environment, but this is also good for the local plant growers since you will be buying from them instead of importing from another place. It would be good to choose plants that are tolerant of drought or can survive with minimal watering. This will lessen the overall requirements for water for the garden. This would also mean less work for the homeowners. They can leave the garden to thrive on its own, depending mostly on the natural environment for sustenance.

Another way to improve your sustainable kit home garden is to install a water tank that would capture rainwater to be used for watering the plants. To conserve water and avoid the plants from losing soil moisture, it would be good to put some mulch around the plants. Mulch helps keep the moisture of the soil intact, so there will be less need to keep watering the soil around the plants.

Different Ways of Using A Garden Kit Home

By - July 16th, 2012, 1:55, Category: General

Building a granny flat in your backyard can bring many benefits. You take advantage of the extra lot area you have, giving you extra room to use. Granny flats NSW can serve many uses, and once you know how useful they can be, you will probably realise you need to build one too.

When done by a specialist, a granny flat can be built so beautifully that you can use it to serve just like another home, only smaller. It can be used as a unit that other members of the family can use as their own. Instead of the renting an apartment or buying a new house, the granny flat can be used to save money. For instance, if there is a newlywed in the family and they are just starting to build a family, a granny flat can be designed to accommodate this new family. It would be good especially if the core family would like to live close by the new family. Having a separate home for the newlyweds will give them the needed privacy to live their own lives, yet keep them close to their loved ones.

A garden kit home can also be so constructed for a uni student who will need some privacy as well to focus on studies and school projects. This gives the space from the family that uni students typically need to develop their individuality and talents. Because of the privacy that a kit home affords, it is also perfect as a home office. The space becomes a true office space that is very near the family, perfect for people doing freelance work or running a business from home.

A granny flat can also be perfect as a backyard guest house. You can design the granny flat to be so accommodating to guests. This is very ideal if you are the type who frequently gets guests coming in, whether for a short visit or for an overnight stay. The kit home can be built with bedrooms as well as its own bathroom. Your visiting friends and relatives will surely love and appreciate this kind of hospitality.

A granny flat is a wonderful addition to you home. You can use this space as a play room for the children. That way, they will have a good amount of space to explore and just be themselves, escaping to where their imagination can get them. If the place cannot be used as the aforementioned, the granny flat can simply be a hobby room or an art studio if there is an artist in the family who needs a quiet place to work.

Building Kit Homes to Serve as Office Space

By - June 11th, 2012, 23:24, Category: General

Gone are the days of traditional offices as more and more people manage to get jobs that allow them to work from the comfort of their homes. Working from home makes people have more time with the people they love, very ideal for working moms. It helps save on petrol spent for transport to an office, and a release from the stress of having to travel to the office on rush hours. But working at home also has its downsides, one of which is distraction from people in the house. This is why it is very good if you can work at a home office to sort of separate your home life from your work.

Home extensions are a very good way to create an office space for yourself. One way to build an office space at home is by building a granny flat. Granny flats are stand-alone structures that can virtually be turned into anything you want. If you happen to have extra space in your home lot, it would be good to utilise that space for a purpose such as a home office.

Since the granny flat is built separate from the house, work can be done in peace and quiet, without distractions from others in the house. At the same time, your house is only a few steps away, so you can come home and spend time with the family whenever you feel like it and not too busy. There should be no problems installing the necessary utilities and equipment you will need for your home office. The granny flat may be constructed with its own bathroom and kitchen, so you would not need to hurry back to your house every time.

One of the benefits of granny flats is that they can be built with passive solar design. There can be natural light coming in so the energy consumption does not hurt the pockets so much, unlike in offices, where office spaces usually need electric lighting even in daytime. For an efficient home office Sydney, optimise the use of the solar passive design. You can avoid placing windows and openings in the west to reduce the heat coming from the harsh afternoon sun. Furthermore, tinted glass may be used for the granny flat to reduce the heat in summer and retain it during winter.

Granny flats are perfect to be turned into a home office, if you have a home-based job or are planning to bring home some work from your regular office. There are many benefits to using a granny flat for an office, foremost of which is the privacy you get that will block any distractions that may come from your home.

Benefits of Building a Backyard Cabin

By - May 17th, 2012, 0:21, Category: General

Because of the growing environmental problems the world is facing, many efforts are being done to help solve such issues and contribute to the welfare of the environment. Environmental awareness has spread across many aspects of life, even in the home, where people strive to adopt environmentally sound practices. One area where people apply environmentally friendly solutions is in construction of kit homes. Granny flats built on an extra garden or backyard lot of a residence can be built in an manner that would handle the needs and comfort of people living inside without exhausting too much energy or using materials that could harm the environment.

Environmentally friendly granny flats make use of materials that would provide passive solutions to summer heat and winter cold so as to significantly conserve energy. An environmentally friendly backyard cabin could use tinted glass materials to ameliorate the heat coming in and avoid the use of costly cooling systems. Sun glare is also significantly reduced with the help of the tinted glass. In winter time, the glass material would help trap the heat in so there is not much need for heating systems as well. Considerable energy cost savings would be achieved in such simple ideas.

Environmentally sound granny flats can include passive solar design to handle the usual issues in a typical home. For instance, a kit home can be oriented to the north so that the western and southern sides can have minimal window openings. This would lessen the heat coming in during the afternoon where the sun's heat is harshest. Consequently, there is less need for air conditioning that can be rather costly. The overhangs of the kit home may also be angled and lengthened adequately to minimise the amount of sunlight hitting the granny flat directly.

Typically, environmentally friendly solutions such as backyard cabins NSW with passive solar design tend to cost more in materials, but after figuring in the energy cost savings, such environmentally friendly kit homes would cost much less in the long run. In construction practice, building a kit home with the most minimal amount of material wastage is highly beneficial not only to the environment, but also for the kit home owner trying to save money on construction.

Although it may cost a little more at the start, building a kit home with environmentally sound design would be highly beneficial to the owner as it would lessen the amount of money spent on cooling and heating systems. More importantly, such intelligently designed structure would contribute to environmentally friendly solutions to help solve environmental issues.

Granny Flats for University Students

By - April 16th, 2012, 22:26, Category: General

College is a huge move for young people. It is also one of the most expensive stages for the parents, so every cost saving that can be done counts. One of the areas where the parents can save much is in lodging. Granny flats are an excellent option for university students who need extra space to focus on their studies. This would help the family save in rental expenses, while giving their university kid some privacy and more room for themselves.

If the family resides in an area that makes the university quite accessible, then it is a very good idea for the university student to stay with the family, instead of renting a dormitory or apartment near the university. Apartments and dormitories near universities are generally more expensive to rent because of the higher demand for lodging in those areas. Granny flats are a great alternative for students, especially since it has become easier for residential building owners to construct these structures in their backyards.

Backyard cabins are a good way to expand the house, gaining more floor area without the costly renovation expenses needed for construction on site. Kit homes are significantly less expensive because the structure is built in the factory as opposed to traditional home expansion where the construction materials are brought in on the site. Building a backyard cabin saves time and limits chances of delays particularly during poor weather conditions because the cabin frames are already built and ready to install on the site.

Residents who have ample backyard space should not waste the area and take advantage of the opportunities presented by more relaxed state regulations on granny flats. Provided that the residential lot will build only one backyard cabin, the family can have a granny flat in their backyard. There are other rules to abide by, including easements and maximum size allowed for the structure.

The family have the option to build a granny flat of high quality to make it more appropriate for the busy university student. With this backyard cabin, the university student will have their own private place, without the distractions from their family home. Backyard cabins NSW can be built according to the requirements and preferences of the would be uni students, giving them a good start in their new life challenge.

As prices continue to go up, it is but practical to make savings in as many ways as possible. For college students, one great way to cut back on the financial strain is to opt for a backyard cabin, instead of renting an apartment or dormitory in high-priced locations.

Backyard Cabin Built for Newly Weds

By grannyflats - March 19th, 2012, 23:05, Category: General

For newly weds, one of the biggest challenges in starting a new life is coming up with enough money to purchase their dream house. It may take some time to accomplish this, but there are good alternatives other than renting a house or apartment. If one of the newly weds parents have enough space in their backyard, it is a good idea to temporarily live in a backyard cabin while they are are still saving up money to invest on a new house.

The good news is that state regulations have made it easier to build granny flats Sydney. Residential lots are permitted to have a granny flat, provided that only one of such structure and one house are present in a single block. There are, of course, other rules that the granny flat builder has to follow and these rules refer to the maximum allowable size, easements, and planning controls. Upon compliance, a private certifier may approve the building of the granny flat.

Backyard cabins are a great way to save money for a new house. Newly weds can take advantage of this opportunity to spend one time for a beautifully made granny flat, instead of looking for a house or apartment to rent. Backyard cabins can be designed per the customer's preferences and ideas. While the simplest backyard cabins only include a living area, newly weds may opt for a cabin type with bathroom and kitchenette. This way, they can have a nice temporary home where they can enjoy their privacy.

A granny flat can be beautifully designed, with all the needed features and functions. In picking the right granny flat design, it would be good to consider materials that are environmentally friendly while at the same time promoting comfort indoors. Orientation of the doors and windows should also be a top consideration to ensure that the cabin is protected from extreme summer heat.

It would be good to find a reputable company specialising in backyard cabins NSW. There usually are floor plan designs that are readily available and can be provided by the company, but if the couple wants to customise the design, then that can be done as well. It would be good to hire a company that can help you visualise your ideas of the backyard cabin of your choice. The couple may also choose to make this a semi-DIY project, wherein the company will supply the materials and the couple will be the ones to build the granny flat.

Backyard cabins are a good way for newly weds to adjust as they try to save money for a permanent new home. They provide adequate privacy and enjoyable living space even as the couple live on their parents' property. Additionally, when the newly weds move out, the cabin can be rented out and provide the family with an additional income, or it can be relocated to another property to be used again.

Maintaining Your Kit Home Gutters

By - February 22nd, 2012, 18:05, Category: General

Kit homes are a great option when you do not have enough resources to build a home. There are multiple benefits you can gain from these premade homes. These can be quickly constructed and cost a fraction of complete homes. Kit homes are also easy to maintain than larger home structures. You can have these made to your specific requirements. They are ideal for housing an older relative or a teenager or renting out for extra income. Even though kit homes are much smaller in size, they come with complete amenities. These are fully equipped and functional and need the same kind of maintenance.

Just like all other homes, kit homes also need proper maintenance. This includes all parts of the timber cabins Sydney, such as roof and gutters. Any negligence could lead to more costly repairs and replacements. Roof gutters are an essential part of the building structure as these protect the foundation from getting damaged due to rain water that might get accumulated. If the foundation gets damp, the walls may start to leak.

It is very common for roof gutters to get clogged and blocked with leaves and debris. This occurs more often in spring and autumn. Dirt that blows in might also get collected in the gutter and lead to an overflow. Besides damaging the gutter, it is also going to have damaging effects for the roof as well as foundation of the building.

Most people attend to roof gutters when something goes wrong. These often stay neglected during the regular care and maintenance. Regular inspection, however, is very important to ensure that roof gutters do not cause a major problem in the future. The frequency of maintenance work depends largely on the area you are living in.

If you want to keep the roof gutters of your backyard cabins NSW in the proper working condition, you can make regular inspections on your own. Alternatively, you can also call in professionals. They will make a more thorough inspection of the entire area and suggest whether repairs or replacements are required. There are many roof and gutter maintenance companies that offer various maintenance services, including evaluation of the roof condition.

You can enhance the life of your kit home and its various parts, such as the roof, if you spend some time on its maintenance on a regular basis. You can consult with the roof and gutter companies to provide you with complete evaluations and suggestions. They will also handle all tasks related to repairs and/ or replacements, if required.

Rentals of Kit Homes

By - January 22nd, 2012, 23:24, Category: General

Most people, when they think of kit homes, imagine an ugly, modular image. However, this is not true! As the popularity of kit homes continues to grow in Australia, kit home manufacturers introduce new designs and styles in these prefabricated structures to make them look more attractive, functional and yet, cost-effective. There are various uses of kit homes. While many people like to add kit homes to their land to house an older relative or a teenager, or to use it as a home office, they can also be used as a source of income when rented out.

There is more flexibility in kit homes designs than what most people are aware of. Depending on your specific requirements, you can make many different variations. Most kit home companies and designers allow you to tailor it to suit your own specific needs. You might need it to accommodate an older relative currently, but later on you can rent this out. Keeping this future requirement in mind you can have it designed so that makes it suitable for this purpose. Timber Cabins Sydney can be a great source of income if these are designed and constructed properly.

With the rental payments of homes and apartments on the rise, many individuals or couples prefer to rent out timber cabins. Another attractive feature of these prefabricated structures is that these are easier and less expensive to maintain. Depending on the design and style of the kit home, these can be rented out for up to $400 per week!

It is very cost-effective to build a kit home as compared to a standard home. With little investment, you can have a compact yet complete housing unit that has all the necessary requirements of any standard home. However, by investing a little more and making some changes in the fixtures and materials, you can further improve the look and feel of the place and make the backyard cabins NSW more attractive for the renters. Also, there is no need to wait for a long period of time to have the construction completed. It takes very little time to build a kit home and you can quickly start getting the financial benefits from these in the form of rental payments.

Backyard cabins have multiple uses and benefits. While these are popularly used for housing older relatives, they can also be converted into rental units. As these are easy and inexpensive to maintain, they are in high demand from people looking to build a rental property.